“The Demon Trapper’s Daughter” – Jana Oliver

I won’t give “Twilight” credit for this. Instead, I give it to the Harry Potter series and Ms. Rowling. Thank you for opening up the YA world again.
Like any self-respecting anthropologist / archaeologist, I enjoy a good read, preferably escapist. Hence, I like fantasy and sci/fi or, really, anything spec-fic.

I stumbled across Jana at a World Fantasy Convention a few years ago. She was publishing her Time Traveler trilogy through a press in Red Deer (Dragon Moon: http://www.dragonmoonpress.com/joomla/index.php ). After a bit of conversation with her and her publisher Gwen, I bought “Sojourn (Time Rovers – Book 1),” the first in the trilogy. I am now a Jana Oliver fan.

DTD is the first in a YA trilogy. The second will be released this August and the third early next year (for all those out there afraid of getting involved in yet another unending series). Jana writes strong, smart female protagonists. She writes good, realistic dialogue. DTD isn’t another vampire book (thank God!). It is a rite of passage story, as pretty much any YA book is. But it’s done smartly and with well-developed characters. It’s nice to read something intelligent for a change — something not only written by someone intelligent, but something written for someone with a brain. Unlike Bella and Clary of “Twilight” and the “City of Ashes” books, respectively, that tap into the Cinderella-syndrome afflicting (and perhaps suffocating) teenage (and adult) females, Riley Blackthorne saves herself. Or, attempts to. God help any demon, or man, that stands in her way!

DTD is a ride, it’s fun, it’s engaging, but it isn’t fluff. Thank you, Jana!

(see Jana’s link on the sidebar for more information on coming events)

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