Apologies for the cliffhanger. I’ve been house-/puppy-sitting.

Archaeology is not conducive to owning a dog. Even in the off-season. I spend my winter days trying to fit in a year’s worth of appointments and socializing. Typically, I will easily and routinely be gone from home for 10 hrs of the day. Apparently, dogs don’t like to hold their pee for this long. The puppy growled and snapped at me yesterday morning.

Why am I not staying at the house with the puppy? No internet, I can’t figure out how to turn on the oven, and the dog and two cats keep me up at night. Yvonne is not a happy person without sleep.

Needless to say, this has put a crimp in blogging. I will return soon with the resolution to the story of the bones in Elise’s mother’s garage.


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