“When God was a Rabbit” – Sarah Winman

Books resonate with people. Some people like certain books, recommend them to others who don’t resonate with them.

This book resonated with me.

I love the title, it captivated me. I read the prologue twice, intrigued by the coin pulled from the girl’s arm. But further, and what ultimately compelled me to buy the book, was the style, the rhythm, the flow of words. Some authors are storytellers. Some are wordsmiths. Ms. Winman is a wordsmith and delights in her choice of words to develop images, emotions, and rhythm.

I read the book in three days. Sometimes I hadn’t the foggiest idea where the book was going — the author was off on an abstract tangent that I’m sure meant something to someone somewhere — but I went along for the ride, enjoying the fluidity of the moment. Then there were other times when I was stopped dead in my tracks by a phase, a sentence, an emotion, an image. This book makes you want to believe that god can be a rabbit, that life is more than a collection of random, meaningless moments, and that true, unconditional love is not only real, but vital to the fabric of humanity.

As the blurb states, this is a book about love, in all its forms. It is a book about a family who knows what love is, how to love, how to appreciate it in all its forms, and how important it is to just love, regardless of what shape it takes.

I am still reeling.

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