Comic Expo 2012

Shameless self-promotion is not something I do well.


Shameless self-promotion is not something I do.

Today I left the Comic Expo with my integrity fully intact. And a pile of my own marketing materials still in my satchel. However, I was able to add the marketing materials of a few other writers I met:

Michael McAdam ( Thanks for the instantaneous authorial mind-meld! Fantastic.

Conor McCreery ( Thanks for letting me know that I don’t need a portfolio if I have enough investors and a business plan. Maybe by the time I have the investors, I’ll have the portfolio.

Derek Donais ( Totally local and his book is in Chapters! Love it!

While the panel of Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Michael Dorn was truly hilarious, nothing beats a meeting of minds and passions on a one-on-one scale.

Where will the Reluctant Archaeologist turn up next?

Stay tuned!

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