Thank you, Dear Readers

Many heartfelt thanks to those of you who have purchased, “Memoirs.” Sales have reached 30 ebooks sold. This is far more than I ever imagined. Many of you are friends showing support by way of $2.99 US. Some of you I’ve never met. Regardless, you are all very dear Readers and I hope you will continue to accompany me on this journey.

I have yet to see a cent — or nickel, as it were — of the profits thanks to the US Internal Revenue Service. A battle I began in April 2012 has ended. I am battered, bruised, and dizzy with the run-around. The short of it is that I refused to give up my precious Canadian passport in exchange for a US tax number (Smashwords is a US company). Albeit, the relinquishment of my passport would have been temporary…..after it had gone through both the Canadian and US postal services and the IRS. Yup. You get my drift. Instead, I opted for a flat 30% taken from the sales of my book to be funnelled straight into the IRS’s greedy hands. They get a couple extra percent and I get to keep my passport. Deal.

Will “Memoirs” ever be available in print copy? Not unless I sell a lot more than 30 ebooks.

If you like “Memoirs,” please tell your friends, family, your neighbour, and anyone you encounter! Word of mouth is always the best and most reliable marketing.

If you don’t like “Memoirs,” please tell me. But do be constructive in your criticism. There is always room for improvement if you give a little direction 🙂

What’s in store for the future? Hard to tell. Would I tell you if I knew? Nah. Spoilers are no fun!


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