The Businessman and the Fisherman

I honestly can’t remember when I first heard/read the story of “The Fisherman and the Businessman.” I am thrilled to see it written here and many other places. While I’ve yet to pick up Tim Ferriss’ book, he’s now on my list. Thanks for posting, John Suhar!

John Suhar

I read Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Workweek  years ago and was reminded of the “Businessman and the Fisherman” passage after having a conversation with a photographer from Chicago while standing on the 35th street bridge overlooking the Menomonee Valley in Wisconsin. In light of our conversation I went to the Internet to revisit the story.

What I found was that it’s been copied, referenced, translated and paraphrased many times. If you search “american businessman mexican fisherman” you’ll find these various results.

The particular iteration I’ve transcribed below was printed in Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek . It’s the first version of the story I ever read.

#   #   #

An American businessman took a vacation to a small coastal Mexican village on doctor’s orders. Unable to sleep after an urgent phone call from the office the first morning, he walked out to the pier to clear his head. A…

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