Savour the Good

Everyone once in a while, we need to stop and savour the good stuff in our lives. Too often than not, we are bombarded with how we don’t measure up, how we’re not good enough, aren’t doing enough, how imperfect we are.

So every once in a while we should sit a sunny spot and say, “Bullshit,” to all that.

While the first book in my upcoming trilogy is being read (hopefully) by my cold reader, I am re-reading a draft of the second in series. I wrote this draft about ten years ago and haven’t touched it or read it since. As I read, I often sit back and think, “Damn, this ain’t so bad. Did I write this? Wow.” And I have to remind myself that I did, in fact, write these words; it is so very easy to believe otherwise. I don’t know if there is a Muse or divine spirit that enables creativity and inspiration, all I know is that I am struck by the contrast between how imperfect society implies I am and how I sometimes know I am.

I know that our society’s economy (and sometimes religion) thrives on pointing out an individual’s imperfections; if we were perfect, we wouldn’t buyMatrix red pill anything in an effort to better ourselves. Getting the consumer to believe they are imperfect is the marketer’s dream. So, I guess, we really are living in The Matrix — a marketer’s dream where everyone is imperfect and striving for unattainable perfection.

Buddhism, and some other eastern traditions, state that we are already perfect, and that it is our belief that we are not perfect that is corrupting us and holding us back from nirvana. And, what nirvana it is to behold the evidence that I may actually be okay!

We very easily believe the bad we hear about ourselves. We hear it loud, often, and from every direction. How often do we hear good? Not nearly enough. And when we do hear it, it is so very difficult to believe. The little good we hear is a pittance in the daily onslaught of the bad.

So go sit in a sunny spot and take a daily red pill. Choose to believe for a second, a minute, for an hour, that there is good in you. Find something — there is always something — that you’ve done well today or that you’re proud of, and savour that feeling. Vote to deny the dream that you are imperfect. The reality is that you are perfect just the way you are.



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