Magnetic Poetry Composition #2

I splurged and bought myself some well-deserved magnetic poetry last year. Composition #1 was released on Facebook, sans formatting because that’s the way Facebook rolls. Here, I present the latest, with formatting because that’s the way WordPress rolls. And it’s inspired by the romance novels I’ve been reading. Why? Because that’s just the way I roll!


I remember wild magic

salt in the night

a fever voiced his desire

throbbing like a secret ghost

come dance, he laughed

a ferocious need blazed

yet I looked away


soul bleeding in the steamy air

caramel lips devouring my vision

a blush of velvet poison explores my naked woman.

I wake to champagne mornings

embraced by perfumed kisses

lingering in the fire of melting darkness

I soften the concrete prisoner


but worry of circling time:

Will I open to this man

and trust the dazzling breeze of home?


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