Online Silent Creativity Group

Do you crave to carve out some time for you?

Do you want to explore your creativity?

Do you loathe groups which espouse shared creativity but then share in critiquing and judging its member’s work?

I’ve started an Online Silent Creativity Group where people come together to be creative. Period. Full stop.

There is no talking, so there is no critiquing or judging.

You can choose to turn on your video or not.

This is a space and time where we can come together and just be together. That’s it, that’s all.

What’s your creative aspiration: writing, painting, playing an instrument, meditating on being a creative being? It doesn’t matter. You are welcome here.

If this appeals to you, contact me and I’ll send you the link. The time is Sundays at 5pm Mountain Time.

If you’re wondering ‘what the hell?’ or ‘this is SO weird’, then this probably isn’t for you.

If you’re wondering if you’re creative, you are. You just are. Everyone is. So, spin the globe (or internet) and choose a direction to explore. Then contact me for the link to share in some creative time.

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