Odds and Sods Update

There are a few things going on. For those who have not subscribed to my newsletter, this is for you. I do try to cross-pollinate, but things get missed. Subscribe to my newsletter here.

In research news:

  1. New Scattered podcast episode! I talked to Dr. Nick Marquez-Grant from Cranfield University about next of kin and closure.
  2. I created a short video of one of our research sites (aka “The Grizzly Site”) to show the changes in the site and remains since the pig carcass was placed in August 2021 and when the video was shot in June 2022. There are also some overall preliminary data too, for those interested.
  3. We’re putting out more pig carcasses this year at new sites, and expanding our study into Saskatchewan and BC. We’re also testing out some tracking devices so that we can get a sense of how far remains may travel. Look forward to more data, more info, and more stories!
This is me drilling through the forelimb of a pig to attach a tracking device. Photo credit: Sonia Stock

If you’re unfamiliar with this research study, check out this post (The Smell of Dead Pig in the Morning) and Scattered, Episode 7.

In creativity news:

  1. If you haven’t heard, I released a new novel in June. Waiting for Fate is a fantasy novel available in print via Amazon and in ebook through most major vendors. The ebook is on sale through August 15 for $0.99 through this link.
  2. I’ll be a panelist at the When Words Collide conference, August 12 – 14th. I’ll be speaking on the Dudes with Crossbows panel, Sunday (14th) @ noon. It’s online, it’s free, so come and hang-out or drop-in and learn something new. I haven’t been to this conference for a few years. Usually it’s a welcoming and approachable crowd. I hope to see you there!

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  1. Yvonne,

    I was finally able to start “Waiting for Fate” yesterday…Loving it so far!!! ??

    Cindy ________________________________


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