Scattered, Episode 18 – Predictive Modelling with DNA

Scattered, Episode 18 is now live!

I read an article in the newspaper.

I sent a cold email to Parabon Nanolabs.

I got my mind blown.

Scattered Episode 18: Predictive Modelling with DNA – Interview with Dr. Ellen Greytak

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From the start of the episode:

  • The Scattered podcast is evolving and broadening its scope: all dead people are fair game, regardless of time or context!
  • I’m thinking of starting a Patreon account to help support the podcast (transcripts are nice!) and to support my costs in participating in the Scavenging Study. What do you think? If you contribute, what would you want in return?

Do you have a suggestion for a topic on the Scattered podcast?

Do you have a question about working with human remains?

Reach out and let me know!


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