What the f*** do I do now??

I’m at it again.

Once again, I’m a guest mentor with the ACE for Anthros Prime Earth folks, and holding “office hours” Thursday, May 4th.

Are you approaching graduation and looking at the foreboding vastness of the unknown once you collect your parchment ?

Are you looking at a stack of PFO letters from institutions about instructor jobs and wondering if you need to change course?

Come join me next Thursday to talk about all the “WTF??” moments you’re likely experiencing. It’s a safe space. We’ve been there. You’ll have commiserators. Spill your guts and we’ll be there for you.

May the 4th be with you!

(Will I be talking about my upcoming book “Why I Quit School and Got a Life….”?? Maaayybeeee.)

RSVP here: https://us12.list-manage.com/survey?u=a52571894c954ed3add4ab53c&id=99f95e65cf&e=3ee6fb9033


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