What is The Reluctant Archaeologist?

Digging. Literally and metaphorically. Asking why, always questioning. Even if no answers are found, a broader, more informed perspective may be gained.

This blog will focus on bringing light to the depths of archaeology, life, and writing, all through an anthropological perspective.

Posts will be done so that you may sit at your computer (or device), coffee/tea in hand, feet up and read them every other weekend (or thereabouts). There will hopefully be laughter, issues to ponder, and inspiration to fuel you through your weekend. Maybe even your week!

In this blog, you will find the posts revolve around three main topics:

  • archaeology, including the business of consulting, archaeology in general, and the wider discipline of anthropology (of which archaeology is a branch)
  • writing and publishing. I love writing. I love reading. Let’s talk!
  • living with integrity in the 21st century.

The theme that connects all of these seemingly divergent topics is the journey (the dig) for a deeper sense of self and being true to that self, something I believe a lot of people struggle with at different times in their life.

If time travel was possible, we could go back to my birth and likely see a well-intentioned fairy godmother standing at the foot of my cradle saying, “She will love to dig.” This would explain why I later became an archaeologist. It may also explain why I love to dig into the workings of human nature.

Too often, I find that people are either afraid of asking ‘why’ or of the answer they’ll receive. I get it. I’m an introvert. It’s much easier to learn from others’ mistakes. It’s safer. But, ultimately, do you learn anything from not asking or not doing?

If you learn from my mistakes and misadventures, great! If my mistakes and misadventures help you identify your fears and scary places and give you the courage to ask ‘Why?’, better! If, however, I can help give you the courage and inspiration to step out of your safe zone, BEST! I hope that in bearing my soul you will feel in me a kindred spirit, someone who knows your plight even if you didn’t, and that if I can be bold, stupid, and write about things previously unmentioned, well, taking that night course or asking that guy/girl out, isn’t such a scary move after all!

Why did I start this blog?

  1. catharsis and education. This all came from me saying over and over again, “If I knew then, what I know now….” I wanted to inform others while providing a reality-check.
  2. like most bloggers, I felt I had something to say, something to share. This was actually keeping me up at night.
  3. I wanted to connect with others. Commiseration is a lovely thing! Even better when you grow and use it as a stepping stone to bigger, brighter things!

Have I benefitted from this blog? Absolutely. Catharsis and connection. Yum.

Have you benefitted from this blog? Tell me! And tell me how!


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