Stories from the Field: Do Not Drink the Kool-Aid

"What do you want more of in your life, Yvonne?" The question was provided as a way to break the ice between the participants. It was a Powerful Question - capital P, capital Q. Employed with the right coaching hands, a Powerful Question could cut through the bullshit people tell themselves and others, or so... Continue Reading →

Stories from the Field: Sobbing on Solistice

Traditionally, Yvonne's longest day of the year is long in the 'not good' sense. The longest day of the year has all too often turned into a sobbing and heartache marathon because of this break-up, that disappointment, or that rejection. While Christmas may be the 'sad season' for some, Yvonne has grown to dread the... Continue Reading →

Stories from the Field: Safety Schmozle

**To me, Christmas holidays means chilling out with family and friends and being entertained. Here's some entertainment for you all from when I was last in the field. Hope you enjoy and are having a fantastic holiday! It finally happened. Yvonne has visited the Fort McMurray hospital. Unfortunately it was for all the wrong reasons.... Continue Reading →

Stories from the Field: Dissociative Morbidity

"You know how spring usually smells like dog poo?" Yvonne called across the cubicle to her co-worker. "This year I think it smells more like chicken crap." "You know chickens?" "Well, no. I know pigs. But I have driven through Abbotsford." Yvonne's co-worker then proceeded to tell her about how she sanitized her brothers pig... Continue Reading →

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