Scattered, Episode 9 – More Sounds of Dead Pig….

It seems that the previous episode with Amanda Johnson was a turning point for the Scattered podcast. That episode has an average of 200 downloads per day, so I want to thank everyone who listens for listening. It means the world to me that you are listening and interested in this topic! For this new... Continue Reading →

Scattered, Episode 8 – A Chat with a Detective

What have we covered so far? Setting out pig carcasses for a study on searching for remains - check. Searching for said remains - check. How about applying this information to real contexts? How do the police approach searching for remains? What's the insider scoop on this? I talked to Amanda Johnson, Acting Detective with... Continue Reading →

Scattered Remains Podcast

It's here! There is no longer an excuse for searchers to NOT know about scattered and scavenged remains. There is no longer an excuse for searchers to NOT have access to information about how scattering and scavenging can impact the discovery of remains. Yes, there is a gap in research for scattered and scavenged remains,... Continue Reading →

Volunteering with Benefits

I recently became a collective member for the non-fiction section of fillingStation Magazine. Why? I like volunteering and, when choosing where and with whom I volunteer, I always try find someplace that suits my talents, desires, or where I want to go in life. Years ago, I volunteered with the Calgary Police Service. I'd grown... Continue Reading →

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