Scattered, Episode 16 – The Canadian Human Decomposition Facility & The Scavenging Study

Scattered, Episode 16 is now live! Listen to find out more as I talk to Dr. Shari Forbes about her human decomposition facility in Canada and our work on the Scavenging Project. You can listen and subscribe to this podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play. If you would like to be involved... Continue Reading →

Bags of Bones – a research update

It's been a while since I posted about our research project on scavenged and scattered remains. What's going on? Last year's sites: Bags of bones! The sites in the Edmonton and Calgary areas were left for about a year. Through July and August of this year, we revisited each and collected the remains, the flags,... Continue Reading →

Odds and Sods Update

There are a few things going on. For those who have not subscribed to my newsletter, this is for you. I do try to cross-pollinate, but things get missed. Subscribe to my newsletter here. In research news: New Scattered podcast episode! I talked to Dr. Nick Marquez-Grant from Cranfield University about next of kin and... Continue Reading →

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