Stories from the Field

This is where it all started.

Originally coined as “Updates,” these stories from the field began as a catharsis for me when I was in the field, sitting in a hotel room after a day/week/month of coping with inclement weather, personal politics, bureaucracy, technical glitches, and clients that couldn’t plan. They had nothing to do with archaeology, but everything to do with the crap I was going through trying to do archaeology.

The “Updates” went out to friends and family and also served to essentially *prove* why I was stressed, losing hair, gaining weight, and generally grumpy.

Needless to say, the “Updates” were a hit. People didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The early ones became the inspiration for “Memoirs of a Reluctant Archaeologist.” Some of the later ones I share with you now, Dear Public Reader, in random order and at a leisurely pace. Some are about archaeology, some are about daily life. Some occur within city limits, some in far off remote places (in Alberta). All are written in third person.

I hope you enjoy these Stories from the Field as much as my family and friends did 🙂


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