Stories from the Field: OMG.

*original email May 13, 2011.

Yvonne has her first paycheque and has been at her new job for a month. OMG.

For those wary few that didn’t think it possible to leave archaeology, Yvonne is here to show you that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your present philosophy. Perhaps your philsophy needs readjustment.

However, it will never be the work that will kill Yvonne, it is the fringe benefits. You know, bureaucracy, politics, and general stupidity from those usually promotoed beyond their competence level (thank you for that phrase, K!). If Yvonne could just do her job as listed in the job description (when there is one), all would be good. But, the world doesn’t work like that…..

Today, one of Yvonne’s workmates, Susan, brought in pictures of her wedding in Mexico. OMG.

“The dresses are sooooo nice.”

“Is that the mother-in-law. White trash!”

“Aaaawwwww, you two are so cute.”

Next. Another workmate’s boyfriend is looking for a job. OMG.

“He was offered an interview at CNRL. I told him not to take it.”


“That’s where his stalker-ex-girlfriend works. It told him if he took the interview, we were over. Was I wrong to say that?”

Then. Susan’s husband doesn’t know when to quit. OMG.

“Jason just texted me that he loves me, his new wife. XOXO.”

Yvonne couldn’t resist: “You tell him he can stop doing that now — you’re married.”

But the topper was when the bank insisted that Yvonne needed to answer ten questions regarding her risk tolerance BEFORE she could open a money market mutual fund. Apparently, Yvonne’s research into stocks, markets, and investing was a complete waste because the bank has become the gatekeeper of all money everywhere. God forbid that Yvonne should get in over her head, the bank might be to blame. For what, were not sure.

This is what caused Yvonne to go for an “insanity break” walk yesterday. Granted, it was a cumulative effect.

Is this just another example of the general “dumbing down” of the population? (Yvonne will hold off on her $0 rant for another update). Is stupidity a symptom of too much stress? Is it a symptom of our bodies and brains being overwhelmed with chemicals, ie. GMOs, pesticides, and preservatives? Or, is it that natural selection has just ceased to operate?

Does Yvonne need to alter her own philosophy to somehow tolerate stupidity more aptly? Nah. Yvonne likes to believe that human beings really do have more potential than OMG. The question is, will she live long enough to witness it?

Stay tuned!

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