As mentioned previously, I seem to have misplaced my passion. These things happen mysteriously and take a bit of investigation to rectify. As such, I’ve decided an hiatus is in order. Posts on this blog will be discontinued for a time, as well as on the Facebook page. However, if you comment or wish to contact me, I am still here. It may take me a couple of days to reply, but I am still here.

As for the writing, that, too, will be on hiatus. While I feel dried up, even absent from life, I don’t expect it will be for long. Every time I attempt to put down my pen and walk away from writing, thinking my Muse has abandon me and taken all Her glorious ideas with her, I am thwacked by Her magic wand and left drowning, gaping in a flood of inspiration. Here’s hoping.

I hope the rest of you will continue to seek passion and the beauty in your lives. Until we meet again,



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