“The Dark River” – John Twelve Hawks

Neat concept. Well-written. I really liked the first book in the trilogy, “The Traveler (Fourth Realm Trilogy, Book 1),” even though I picked it up at the Chapters bargain section. Sometimes you find gems in there. This was one.

Strong, well-developed characters. Snappy prose. Good pace. This continued into the second book (and, yes, for this one, I re-read the first book). However, I felt there was a considerable lapse in character in the second book.
Twelve Hawks spends alot of energy and effort developing Maya’s strength, intelligence, and savviness. Then completely walks away from all he’s invested mid-way through Book 2. Ugh. I hate it when that happens. Let’s make a character really smart and larger-than-life, then, when there’s an emotional shift as part of the character arc, it all falls apart. Urgh. Why is it not possible for characters to be savvy AND emotionally intelligent?

But, all said, I will read the third. Of course I will. I have to. I’m such a cliffhanger sucker!

2 responses to ““The Dark River” – John Twelve Hawks

  1. I really enjoyed The Traveller. I got halfway through the Dark River and got bored with it.
    Actually, I find the author a lot more fascinating. He lives completely off the grid!


    • Thanks for visiting, jaz, and thanks for the comment! I chuckled when I read that the author lived off-grid. Neat. But, despite my review of the 2nd book, I’ll still read the 3rd. Actually, it arrived today. Stay tuned!


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