Passion and energy

I discovered this week I have been living without passion.

For several weeks, I have had a difficult time waking up. When I did, I was groggy and sluggish. Then, after a tedious day at my new menial job as a copy girl (hey, a person’s gotta eat), I arrived home equally sluggish and drained to sit on my sofa and watch TV or read.

This was not like me.

As previously posted, I had always been a person of boundless energy. Sure, age and mileage take their toll, but after seven months of sitting around being unemployed over winter, I should have healed, re-balanced, and re-stocked my energy banks.


Then on Wednesday, a writing/editing friend of mine told me about a Request for Proposal regarding an archaeology site. I had a glance, or what I thought was a glance, and became immersed. Hours flew by. My brain was cooking with new ideas and how to rework old ideas. I spent hours drawing up a scope of work, budget, and addressing the deliverables of this seemingly benign RFP.

Wahoo!passion-quotes 1

Suddenly I was waking up in the morning with ENERGY. I had purpose. My fire was lit. I was fueled and burning with energy.

It dawned on me then that, even though I was physically sound and healthy, I was lacking in the passion department. I was bored, plain and simple. Life had become a quick succession of busy nothings (thanks to Jane Austen for that).

Passion is energy and I have none of either. This needs to change.

Goal for the week:  figure out what I’m passionate about (besides being passionate).

What are you passionate about? How do you live it in your everyday life?


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