“The Dream Thief” – Catherine Webb

I am such a word geek! Case in point:

From beyond the voice a younger one, that of a child, said, “Oi! Miss Lin! I think he’s fallin’ asleep again!”

The green-eyed woman let out a weary sigh, “I am tormented,” she complained, “by evolutionarily inhibited companions who fail to appreciate the concept of ‘lingering menace’. I don’t suppose you’d mind quivering in fear at my inexpressible and quaintly charismatic presence while I just deal with this?” (pg. 235)

Oh, the prose! The concept isn’t remarkably new, the characters aren’t deep (yet) or all that incredibly fleshed-out, but the prose alone is what drives this novel. This woman has a way with words. How refreshing in a YA novel.

Now, if we could just get Webb’s prose, Oliver’s characters, Slade’s rhythm, and McMann’s twists all into one book….

‘The Dream Thief’ is the fourth in the series of Extraordinary Horatio Lyle Mysteries. This is my first Catherine Webb read and I have, just now, bought the first in the series.

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